Your dream job will find you

Silp is your career companion

Silp matches jobs with your qualification and skills in order to find the best possible job for you. On Silp you do not have to search for jobs – your dream job will find you.

Silp finds the right job. Just for you.

Silp finds the right job for you. You do not have to do anything – Silp finds your dream job. Jobs registered on Silp are regularly matched with your data. When a job fits, you will hear from us.

Silp updates your data. Automatically.

Are you tired of constantly updating your CV and your various profiles? No need to do so on Silp. We aggregate and combine your professional data automatically to use it for the job matching. R.I.P. CV.

Great jobs get referred. By friends.

The best jobs are often referred by friends. Your Facebook friends help us to find the right job for you.

Facebook helps. But privacy remains.

Facebook is the easiest way to register. Silp uses your professional data for the job matching, but does not have access to your timeline or your photos.