Candidates will find you

Silp is automated social sourcing

We compare your job vacancies with millions of candidates to find the right ones for you and to alert them about your job. With Silp you don’t have to search for candidates and approach them yourself, Silp does the job on your behalf.

Reach candidates. Worldwide.

Millions of candidates have signed up to Silp to get informed about interesting job opportunities. From more than 700 million candidates Silp identifies those who truly qualify for your job vacancy.

Silp identifies candidates. The right ones.

Silp’s algorithms and matching technology guarantee a matching quality of over 90%. This ensures that jobs are only put in front of candidates who really qualify.

  • 700
    million profiles analyzed
  • 100
    candidates contacted
  • 5
    job applications received

Contact candidates directly. Automated.

Candidates who qualify for the job will be approached automatically and in a personal manner.

Jobs get referred. By friends.

Friends refer friends. Silp takes advantage of this. The approach is personalized and automated. Silp motivates its users to recommend open jobs to potential candidates identified by Silp among their friends.